The Itko Kanese 8th Cavalry was a military unit based in Itko Kan. Ganoes Paran began his military service with them. They were predominately veterans of the siege of Li Heng and the Wickan Wars.[1] The veterans had been based there for about six years by 1161BS.[2]

Itko Kan MassacreEdit

In the year 1161BS, the 19th Regiment of the Itko Kanese cavalry consisted of 175 men and women and 210 horses. They were all killed by the Hounds of Shadow[3] on the Imperial raised road near the market town of Gerrom.[4]


The 19th Regiment used high-backed saddles and wore shiny helms. There were few women amongst them.[5] At least some wore iron-scaled gauntlets.[6]

Notes and referencesEdit

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