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The continent of Jacuruku was a small island-continent located south-west of Stratem and Korel, south of Quon Tali and Seven Cities and east of Lether. It was divided in two by the Gangrek Range, with deserts lying to the west and thick jungles to the east.

The Sea of Storms was located to the continent's north-east and the White Spires Ocean to the south. Immense ice fields lay to the north and east of the landmass, preventing easy transit between Jacuruku and other continents. It was described as a 'sister continent' of Korel.[citation needed]

Unofficial Malaz World Map by D'rek

Jacuruku was largely destroyed in a devastating war which took place many tens of thousands of years before the series when it was ruled by the High King, Kallor.

Ereko considered Jacuruku to be his homeland.[1]

Locations of note[]

Jacuruku by Imperial Cartographer

In The Bonehunters[]

Banaschar listed Jacuruku among the many strange places from which he had met people on his own travels. Jacuruku did not appear on the maps kept by D'rek's temple.[2]

In Reaper's Gale[]

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In Return of the Crimson Guard[]

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In Blood and Bone[]

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Early in its history, Jacuruku had been the site of K'Chain Che'Malle settlements and later the hunting grounds of Togg and Fanderay. Long after the K'Chain had disappeared, Kallor had undertaken a fifty year conquest of the continent, eventually forming the Kallorian Empire. His rule was even more cruel and tyrannical than the Jaghut Tyrants, and he was strong enough to compel other powers like Ardata to pay tribute.[3]

Eventually, a group of summoners known as the Circle brought the Crippled God into the world in an attempt to gain enough power to defeat Kallor. They failed miserably and the Korel continent was devastated. The Elder Gods, K'rul, Draconus, and the Sister of Cold Nights, sought to free Kallor's people, but the High King spitefully incinerated his lands killing millions.[3]

K'rul then created a new Warren into which the three gods swept the bones and debris of Kallor's shattered empire. This left the land bare and ready for healing.[3]

Anomander Rake, and likely also the Tiste Andii, prior to the the feud with the Malazan Empire, had participated in a conflict there.[4]


Prior to The Bonehunters, some fans disputed whether Jacuruku still existed or whether the entire continent had been removed from the world during events in the prologue to Memories of Ice. However, The Bonehunters confirmed that Jacuruku still existed when a character reminisced about meeting people from there.[2] In Reaper's Gale, several characters were reported to have visited it,[5] and in Return of the Crimson Guard, one group of characters landed there for a brief period. Jacuruku was ultimately the primary setting for the novel Blood and Bone.

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