Jadeen of Traly was a Kanese mage from the time before the rise of the Malazan Empire. She was said to be murderous and terrifying and of the same stature as A'Karonys.[1] She drew her power from the Warren of Rashan.[2]

In Dancer's LamentEdit

When Itko Kan's King Chulalorn the Third besieged Li Heng in the days of the Protectress, city mage Silk infiltrated the enemy camp. There he learned that none of the older generation of Kanese mages, such as Jadeen of Traly, had accompanied the Kanese army.[1]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Jadeen had had a major magical duel with Nedurian which had lasted from dusk to dawn. Since both Jadeen and Nedurian were powerful Adepts of the Warren of Darkness, Rashan, neither combatant had managed a decisive victory. Jadeen, however, gave Nedurian an injury that resulted in a jagged scar across his face. But Nedurian managed to 'mark' Jadeen in some unspecified fashion as well. Since Nedurian was currently some two hundred years old, while he was in his "twilight years" at the time of the duel with Jadeen, the duel had probably occurred in the not so distant past.[3]

In Kellanved's ReachEdit

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