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Interpretation of Jaghut huntress by Corporal Nobbs aka Luktarig

"Damned humans. Can't leave things well enough alone."
―Jaghut Huntress[src]

The Jaghut Huntress was described as tall with grey-green skin. She had long, streaked blond hair hanging loose over her shoulders and down her back, light grey eyes with pupils which had a vertical slit, and silver-capped tusks. She was described as a heavy-breasted female naked from the waist up, wearing only a short skirt, a wide belt holding half a dozen scabbarded stabbing knives, and leather-strapped moccasins.[2]

In Midnight TidesEdit

Bugg went to investigate an incident at a gravel quarry near Letheras that had opened up a new hill to fill his latest order for "Bugg's Construction".[3] Workers had inadvertently breached an ancient cavity containing some kind of creature which promptly killed three stonecutters and left behind only some hair and toenails of the necromancer hired to deal with it.[4] Bugg encountered the Jaghut Huntress in the cave's entrance which was encrusted with ice. She irritatedly explained that she had long ago sealed a Khalibaral demon inside, but the always digging humans had released it. Only the demon's fear of the Huntress kept it inside. She sealed the cave entrance with ice, then considered what to do with it. Bugg made a suggestion.[5] It was not explicitly revealed, but Bugg later remarked that the tunnels beneath the newly shored up Fifth Wing of the Eternal Domicile were now chilly for reasons he thought best not to explain to his master, Tehol Beddict.[6]

Later, Bugg called in a favour from the Huntress to assist Ceda Kuru Qan in capturing and completely freezing the Tiste Edur's Demon spirit-god within Settle Lake.[1]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

The Jaghut Huntress reappeared sensing the imminent sundering of the ritual which had captured the Demon spirit-god. Its icy prison was melting and the God was about to escape. She killed Hannan Mosag, strangling him, and foiling his plan to retake the control over the spirit-god. Ursto Hoobutt and Pinosel told her that her magic was not necessary anymore, because they knew the real name of the God, "Ay'edenan of the Spring", and with the name they drove away the threat.[7]

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