The Isle of Jacuruku


The legendary city of Jakal Viharn was Ardata's centre of power, located deep within the Jungle of Himatan.[1] The city was also known as the "city of gold", as it allegedly - beyond being the richest city in the world - was more abundant in gold than any other area, being so opulent that streets themselves were supposedly paved in jewels.[2][3] There were many rumours surrounding the city, some stating that those who reached it could gain immortality or great power, as Ardata herself would supposedly grant a boon to pilgrims there.[2][4] These rumours even reached as far as Cant,[4] the city of the Seguleh - a people notorious for their reticence and xenophobia. Traveling to the city was no easy task. Ardata's powers prevented entry by Warren,[5] so anyone making the attempt had to brave the Himatan by foot or boat.

When the Crimson Guard reached the city at the invitation of Ardata herself, they found, however, that the city was no more than a group of hovels, if spread over a large area.[6] Shimmer thought that perhaps the descriptions of the city came from its own natural beauty, with one example being the way that the sun could shine from the water, creating a stream of gold which could be seen at the right moment, from the right position.[7] This however was not the case, as Jakal Viharn was revealed to once have been the city that it was proclaimed to be, though no more.[8][9] Rumours possibly persisted as Ardata kept the city in a kind of stasis, with multiple times being 'held' together at once in the one position, though only some could see it while in the city.[8][10]

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