The Jakatakan Élites were a body of Marines renown for their superior discipline and training. The name suggests a connection with Jakata, the unit may have been based there. They had identifying silver sigils on their helmets and tulwars and breastplates may have formed part of the standard uniform.[1]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Imperial Adjunct Lorn was accompanied by ten Jakatakan Élite guards on her way to Pale. They were ambushed by a party of Ilgres Barghast on the Rhivi Plain. Eight of the Marines were cut to pieces in the initial attack and five of the Barghast were killed, including the Shaman who seemed to be their leader.[2]

Lorn and the two surviving Marines were pursued by six surviving Barghast. Having chosen a small hilltop as location for a last stand, Lorn detailed the Marine with a crossbow to lie on top of the hill. From there, he was able to dispatch the two Barghast who were approaching on either flank. The other marine, bleeding profusely from the lance barb he had taken in the left shoulder either in the initial ambush or during the pursuit, elected to hold Lorn's left side. He was unable to avoid a lance thrown by the approaching warriors and it pinned his right leg to the ground. Despite that, he raised his curved tulwar to parry an axe. The crossbowman joined them and engaged one of the Barghast with his own tulwar. Incredibly, the wounded marine managed to free his leg from the earth, if not the lance itself, and was fighting two of the Barghast. Although Lorn attacked one of his opponents an axe managed to get past his defense and struck him across the chest. He fell to his knees and was struck in the head by another blow which broke his neck. By the time help arrived soon after, the crossbowman, too, had fallen.[3]

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