Janbahashur was an old squat and bandy-legged shaman on Stratem. She and her people worshipped natural forces, especially the wind which they saw as the life essence. She disdained the brute force of those who saw nature and the warrens merely as a tool and a route to power. Instead she merely bent natural forces, concentrating and redirecting them.[1]

Janbahashur had a wide white smile and deep brown eyes set below broad brow ridges. She wore pale leathers decorated with fur, feathers, and shells.[2]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

The Crimson Guard deserters, Kyle, Stalker, Coots, and Badlands came upon Janbahashur and her people during their flight from Fortress Haven. Janbahashur was alerted to Kyle's importance by the Wind spirits and helped hide his presence from their pursuers. She sent the four men beyond pursuit to western Stratem using a path of Wind, similar to travel by warren. Before Kyle departed, she warned him to remain on the path and hold onto his weapons.[3]


"Every living thing takes it in. Even the trees. It is part of all of us, intermingling. For us it is really symbol for that most unknowable of things, the life essence."
―Janbahashur, on Wind[src]

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