Jayashul, short for Jayashul 'Od Lossica (She Who Brings the Dawn), was a Tiste Liosan commander and daughter of Osseric.[1] She was the sister or half-sister of L'oric.

Jayashul had blunt, heavy features, thick brow ridges, and a square jaw. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were flecked with gold causing them to almost shine mauve.[2]

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In StonewielderEdit

Jayashul commanded a large Liosan Army of Light outside the Chaos Whorl broaching the borders of Kurald Liosan and Kurald Emurlahn.[3] When Shadow travelers Kiska, Jheval, and Warran stumbled upon their camp, Jayashul invited them to dinner. Their repast was interrupted by L'oric, who recognized Jheval as Leoman of the Flails and ordered them arrested.[4]

Later, she led the Army of Light against the Chaos Whorl and was successful in destroying it.[5]

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