Jelarkan's Palace was the ancestral home to the city of Capustan's princes.[1] Its most recent occupant was Prince Jelarkan.

It was an alien structure built of grey stone in a confusing collection of chaotic planes, angles, and overhangs. Its thin unprotected walls, lack of windows or flat rooftops, and single entrance gate made it a poor defensive fortification. But its imposing presence made it attractive as a symbol of rule. Generations of princes had added some protective features, such as guardhouses near the entrance, but the walls were too weak to be added to. The stone of the palace itself rejected attempts to take mortar resulting in the collapse of additions.[1]

A tower of "dark, colourless stone" rose three hundred and thirty-nine winding steps from within the palace's interior to "emerge onto an open platform with a peaked roof of copper tiles that showed no sign of verdigris". Columns held the roof and a smooth stone platform from which observers could view the city.[2]

The palace grounds were entered by a ramp leading to a narrow, arched gateway and a squarish, high-ceilinged antechamber immediately beyond.[3][4] On the other side of the torchlit antechamber was the palace courtyard, the entrance to the palace itself was fronted by "broad, shallow steps."[5] Immediately beyond the palace doors was a broad hallway leading to twin doors that opened upon the palace's main hall (or Great Hall) and throne room.[6] In total, "there were four entrances to Jelarkan's main hall. The double doors facing the gate on the side of the antechamber, two flanking portals in the chamber itself that led to guest and guard rooms, and a narrow, curtain-shielded passage directly behind the prince's throne."[4] The Great Hall's entranceway was tiled.[7]

The prince's throne room was a long and vaulted chamber at the centre of which was a long table. At the table's head was the prince's throne and behind the throne was a curtained partition.[6] Of the rest of the palace's interior little was described.

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