Jeregal was a resident of Malaz Island, in Malaz City, where he owned Smiley's, a "low-class alehouse" - a bar variously referred to as a "rundown waterfront dive" and a "rat-hole".[1][2][3]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Jeregal had hired a group of about ten exiled Napans to staff Smiley's, presumably because - jobs for Napans on Malaz Island being very scarce - they were prepared to work cheaply. However, Jeregal came to believe that the Napans were plotting to kill him and to then take over Smiley's. Thus, when Wu and Dancer, having newly arrived in Malaz City, started to regularly visit Smiley's, Wu found Jeregal in a "feverish hurry" to sell the place. Because of this, Wu bought Smiley's for a "fantastic" low price - as a base of operations for himself and Dancer - and Jeregal quickly took the opportunity to leave Malaz Island for "warmer climes".[4][5]

As it turned out, Jeregal had not been suffering from paranoia, as before the arrival of Wu and Dancer, the exiled Napans had, in fact, been planning to "grab the shop title" and to then sell Smiley's in order to get enough money so that they could buy a ship of their own.[6]

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