The Jhag Odhan House was an Azath House in the Jhag Odhan. This was the Azath house that the Jhag, Icarium, fatally injured while attempting to free Gothos, resulting in his issues with frequent memory loss.[1] He also slew most of the house's captives upon their release, but a few managed to escape him.[citation needed]

Phyrlis' tree stood where the Azath once rested. When the T'lan Imass impaled her on a spear and left her to die, they unwittingly thrust the spear into the grounds of the dying House. The House's lifespirit moved into the spear, transforming both spear and Jaghut girl into a single enormous tree.[2]


  • The House was not officially named in the books. This descriptive name has been chosen for the Wiki and will be replaced if its true name is ever revealed.
  • The name Odhanhouse could be said to apply to this House, but was clearly used to refer to Tremorlor in one instance. See Talk: Jhag Odhan House for more details.

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