Jhagra Til, was the T'lan Imass name for a now-extinct inland sea.[1] It was created when the Jaghut ice-fields melted roughly three hundred thousand years prior to the main timeline of the books. Although the water mass only existed for a rather short time, the silts that accumulated on its bottom remained even after most of the water was long gone and formed a natural sinkhole of sorts, trapping unwary animals.[2]

In Memories of IceEdit

The thick mud of the receding sea claimed three ranag and a group of six ay, which were attempting to hunt the easy prey the immobilized animals presented. The corpses of both the hunters and the hunted were seen by Pran Chole and Cannig Tol when they passed during the end of the 33rd Jaghut War, before the Ritual of Tellann. Cannig remarked that the fight that occured in the mud must have been ancient, as ranag were gone from the land at the time the duo watched the clay. The clan leader also stated that he considered the scene an omen regarding the future of the Imass, and that it stirred his soul.[3]


Based on Tool's mention of the Jhagra Til near the barrow of the Jaghut Tyrant Raest, it may have been the great inland sea that once covered the Rhivi Plain before retreating to Lake Azur.[4][5]


Jhagra Til is usually spelled as Jaghra Til in the US editions, but not in the UK editions.

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