Jhedel [Jheh-dehl], full name Jhe' Delekaaran, was a former claimant to the Throne of Shadow. He once commanded the entire realm of Shadow as King after slaying the original ruler, and was liege to the Que'tezani, inhabitants of the most distant regions of Shadow.[1]

He was bound to a menhir in the Shadow realm, arms sunk up to the wrists in the naked granite. Trapped by unknown enemies and mad for most of the time, he did have lucid moments. Any attempt at escape triggered a powerful burst of silver fire from the menhir that knocked him unconscious and stole his memory. He did not mind very much because remembering things was about all there was left for him to do.[2]

Edgewalker, who was a resident of Shadow long before Jhedel's arrival, sought him out occasionally to converse.[3]

Appearance: Shape of brown and mahogany. Hairless head of chitinous scales. Almond eyes of burning gold with nictitating membranes. Broad chest of angular plates. At least one leg - of armoured plates and lethal horned spurs. Broad shoulders. Yellow fangs. Slit nostrils. Clawed feet.[4]

In Night of KnivesEdit

As the Shadow Moon conjunction approached, Edgewalker sensed the potential for a new power in Shadow. He went to Jhedel to ask him if he sensed anything. Jhedel smelled "something with a heart of ice and something else...something sly, hidden, like a blurry reflection." Edgewalker thought someone might make an attempt to enter the House to take the empty Throne. Jhedel attempted to pull himself free, but was stunned into submission by the menhir's protections. From his now garbled memories he suddenly recalled a rumour that Edgewalker could set him free. Jhedel begged and cursed Edgewalker as he walked away.[5]

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