The Jheleck War was fought between the Tiste and the Jheleck in northwestern Kurald Galain, possibly towards the end of the Forulkan War. The Jheleck claimed the war began as a response to Tiste encroachment on Jheleck hunting grounds.[1] After defeating the Forulkan, Vatha Urusander led his Legion, along with the northern Borderswords, on a punitive expedition into Jheleck territory.[2] Although formidable as individuals or in small packs, the Jheleck were useless as massed armies against the Legion and the Borderswords swept through Jheleck villages killing fleeing non-combatants.[3]

Ultimately the Jheleck were given a choice to sign a treaty and make concessions or face annihilation.[4] The Jheleck begrudgingly accepted the terms, which included a provision for Jheleck Hostages, although they did not completely stop raiding Tiste territory. Sedis Hold, built shortly before the end of the war, remained permanently garrisoned to protect against their depredations and the Jheleck eagerly looked forward to a Kurald Galain weakened by civil war.[5][6]

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