Jher-ef was the grey-bearded head of the Fal'esh, a minor family of the Adwami tribes of southwestern Jacuruku. Under the elderly Jher-ef, the Fal'esh had been closely allied to the major Adwami tribe, the Hafinaj.[1]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Jher-ef and the Fal'esh were part of a temporary amnesty and coalition of some twenty Adwami tribes and families[2] who - along with the Warleader and his mercenary army - had undertaken a major campaign against the Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs of northwestern Jacuruku.[3] The combined Adwami forces having travelled to within striking distance of Isana Pura, the southern capital of the Thaumaturgs and their goal, all the heads of every family gathered with the Warleader for a final strategy council. Besides Jher-ef, Prince Jatal of the Hafinaj and Princess Andanii of the Vehajarwi attended this meeting. Jher-ef and another minor family head and Hafinaj ally, Waress, having seen the arrival of Jatal, had immediately sought to enlist the support of the Prince for their own positions. Jatal, however, put Jher-ef and Waress off, saying that he wanted first to hear the views of the Warleader, their "hired expert".[4]

Subsequently, Jatal and Princess Andanii proposed that the two of them should be co-commanders of an initial attack force of about one thousand Adwami soldiers of mixed families which would accompany the Warleader and his two thousand mercenaries. Jher-ef dismissively told the Princess that such a role would result in sights that would be too "distasteful" for her eyes. Andanii, a blooded raider, fired up at this patronizing remark and retorted that perhaps she and Jher-ef could settle this by facing one another at a hundred-paces with bows. At this comeback, Jher-ef reddened and glared, calling the Princess' challenge, "Unheard-of was challenges during the concord!" Prince Jatal calmed down this old family ally and then quickly moved the meeting as a whole on to more urgent matters.[5]

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