Jiwan was the son of one of Caladan Brood's Rhivi staff and a member of Caladan's ruling council.[1]

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

When the Malazan forces fell into disarray in Pale and southern Genabackis, Jiwan who had been waiting for an opportunity to strike against them, convinced the circle of Rhivi war leaders to pursue and break the Malazans while they were weak. He was opposed in his endeavors by Tserig, who advocated peace even with the Malazans. Jiwan earnestly believed in vanquishing the Malazans who threatened their way of life, and this earnestness proved to be a powerful tool in convincing the war leaders.[2]

Caladan, along with Tserig and Torvald Nom representing Darujhistan, met with Jiwan at a bridge in Dhavran. Here, Jiwan remained unconvinced of Caladan's arguments against war when Caladan reminded him about the loss of life for the Rhivi should they fail. Jiwan felt that Caladan was disillusioned with death from his experience, but as a leader of his people, he argued he had to take risks. Caladan scoffed at his ideas, telling him that he was foolish to speak of life while going to war.[3]

Jiwan was later offered 'protection' by Aman on behalf of the Legate of Darujhistan. Aman travelled with two Seguleh, one of them the Seguleh Third. Correctly interpreting the offer as a ruse to control the Rhivi, Jiwan refused to become a protectorate of the Legate. Aman ordered the two Seguleh to kill the Rhivi, and the Third killed Jiwan by severing his head.[4]

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