Map Lands of Fist

Korel, aka Lands of Fist

The Empire of Jourilan was located in the southwest of the Korel sub-continent, just south of Dourkan and west of Jasston. It bordered on Damos Bay to the northwest and was bounded to the east by Blight Sea. Its capital was Jour.[1]

The Jourilan establishment were devoted followers of the Lady and were a faithful supplier of soldiers to the Stormwall.[2] They also prided themselves on their cavalry.[3]

The central portion of the nation was dominated by a plateau.[4]

Like other states on Fist, the Jourilans valued their own racial purity and looked down on anyone who shared any blood with the nation's small indigenous population.[5]

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Ranchers in southern Jourilan raised a breed of cattle called Baranal.[6]

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In 1167 BS, the Jourilan Army of Reform arose to challenge Jourilan's imperial authority. A rag-tag group of peasants and refugees following the spiritual guidance of the Priestess and Beneth, they challenged the oppressive rulership of the Jourilan Emperor. The Reform Army drove loyalists out of Blight and defeated bands of imperial cavalry before clashing with Prince Ranur and the bulk of the Imperial forces near Ring. The Reform Army defeated Ranur and ultimately took the capital.[7][8]

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