The Jourilan Army of Reform were a rag-tag group who were dedicated to ridding their people of oppression. The Reform Army's Lieutenant Carr explained that all of its members were "fleeing, or seeking, something...the army formed itself out of the disaffected, the apostate, or plain refugees of the fighting."[1] Although the army was largely populated by peasants, it did attract members of the Jourilan nobility. It numbered fifty thousand soldiers at its peak.[2]

Many of the Reform Army's members were drawn by the teachings of the Priestess who spoke against the monotheistic state religion that worshipped the Blessed Lady. The Priestess embraced life and rejected death.[3]

The Reform Army was mainly infantry armed with pikes, spears, and cheaply made short bows, along with a small contingent of cavalry. Additionally, the army was followed by a long train of tall wagons with no discernible purpose.[4][5][6]

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The Reform Army gathered strength in southern Jourilan before marching on Blight. The city was quickly abandoned by Imperial forces and the army continued northwards toward Ring.[7] Commander Martal's brutal yet effective tactics kept the Imperial light cavalry from sweeping them away like other peasant revolts of the past. In this she was assisted by the Synod of Stygg, who used magical means to make their opponent's cavalry less effective, and by Ivanr the Deliverer who provided inspiration and confidence.[8]

Prince Ranur finally brought the full power of Imperial might to bear on the Reform Army outside Ring. The night before the battle Commander Martal brought forward the tall wagons that had trailed the army and revealed that when unpacked they became a pre-fabricated fortress. The next morning Ranur executed the Priestess hoping to demoralize her followers. Then the Reformists withstood a series of devastating heavy cavalry charges before slaughtering the noble army with the aid of Ring's citizens. Martal and Beneth perished before the fighting was over, but the Reformists were victorious.[9][10]

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