Joyful Union vs Mangonel and Clawmaster by Shadaan

Joyful Union was a Birdshit scorpion belonging to members of the Marines' 4th squad in the 8th Legion of the Malaz 14th Army. Like others of its kind, it was small, flat, and black, and looked like its namesake.[1] Its poison was a sickly green.[2]

In House of Chains[edit | edit source]

Joyful Union was part of Strings' scheme to earn some money off a 'scorpion fight' with his fellow sergeants in the 9th Company, Gesler and Borduke. Each sergeant picked a scorpion from one of the three types found in the Seven Cities Odhans. Strings drew the last pick and consequently 4th squad received the smallest and puniest looking scorpion of the three types. They adopted a female Birdshit scorpion, naming her 'Joyful Union'. Bottle served as her Holder and Tarr her Trainer. Fiddler received forty to one odds on Joyful Union, and both Fist Gamet and Captain Keneb placed their bets on her.[3]

On the night of the fight, Gesler suspected he was somehow being conned, but proceeded anyway. Once the scorpions were loosed in the arena, Joyful Union revealed her secret. She was really two smaller, thinner scorpions that made quick work of Gesler's 'Clawmaster' and Borduke's 'Mangonel', easily becoming the champion scorpion of the army.[4]

In The Bonehunters[edit | edit source]

Joyful Union was under the tender care of Bottle, who was extremely fond of her. She was, however, viciously killed by new Captain Faradan Sort, who deliberately crushed the scorpion under her boot heel.[5] Afterwards, Bottle and his squad mates harboured murderous intent for the captain.[6]

In Dust of Dreams[edit | edit source]

Bottle was still mourning the death of Joyful Union while the Bonehunters were based in Letheras. He was also still very angry with the Captain for killing "talented, happily married scorpions, for no good reason."[7]

However, it came out in a private discussion between Captain Kindly and Faradan Sort that she had actually killed Joyful Union because she could tell that Bottle valued the scorpion greatly. Faradan Sort told Kindly she had sensed that Bottle was going to give her trouble and that was her method of getting the upper hand. She added, with great satisfaction, that, "to this day he looks at me with hurt in his eyes". Kindly responded with, "That's...exceptional advice, Faradan. Thank you."[8]

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