Jull Solman was a fisherman out of Malaz City. Jull had inherited his father's dugout; his nighttime fishing methods, skills and techniques; as well as the local legends and lore prevalent amongst the local fisher folk. Jull had grown up wanting to join his friends and cousins in becoming a freebooter on one of the local ships and to go on raiding voyages aboard them, but had given in to his father's insistence that he follow his parent into a life as a fisherman.[1]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

A recent disastrous raid by Mock's raider fleet had led Jull Solman to begin to appreciate his father's wisdom, as almost half of the crews had failed to return to Malaz Island after the raid. Setting out in his dugout one night, Jull placed his lit lantern in the bow and set his fishing lines carefully. He then sat back and waited for the fish to rise from the ocean depths below - attracted by the lantern's light - while periodically jiggling one or another of the lines. Suddenly, out in the night, Jull saw an eerie glow from the south approaching his position, wreathed in mist and fog and bringing with it a freezing unearthly wind. Jull could make out the prow of a badly damaged vessel, its sails in tatters and its sides covered in ice. To Jull's amazement - as the ship passed him - he could make out the name, Twisted, on its hull. Horrified, Jull recognized the "daemon-vessel" as the ship that was widely believed by the Malaz islanders to not only have been a jinxed, cursed and haunted vessel, but also to be a wreck currently sitting on the ocean floor, one of the many victims of the recent sea raid. After the ship had passed by him, Jull pulled up his lines and prepared to head back to shore, planning on going to the "Hanged Man Inn" to share his harrowing tale for free drinks. Shivering as he readied his oars, Jull couldn't help but think that dire events must be imminent, what with the mysterious return of such a dreadful harbinger to the island.[2]


"The glow thickened into a patch of mist and fog...[preceded by a]...freezing witch-gust of air...[from which] emerged the tall prow of a vessel...a caravel, [with] great tendrils and scarves of mist boiling from its hull; its sails hanging in torn ribbons; great sheaths of ice crackling and calving from its sides...[I]n spidery silver upon its black hull [was] emblazoned the name Twisted."
―Jull Solman witnessing the ghostly passage of the Twisted.[src]

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