Jull Solman's father had been a fisherman out of Malaz City who had demanded that his son, Jull Solman, follow in his footsteps to become a fisherman as well. Resentful, Jull felt that his father had been a "bitter, mean, stubborn, worthless old fool", full of "wild talk".[1]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

As Jull fished, using his father's old dugout as well as the nighttime fishing methods and techniques that he had been taught by him, Jull often mulled over the seemingly fantastic claims and tales that his father had shared with him, which Jull could not help but feel were "too foolish" to be believed. Jull's father had asserted that the original inhabitants of Malaz Island had been the fisher folk themselves and that the raiders, freebooters, and pirates currently in power were merely comparatively recent arrivals. The old man had also been full of what Jull felt were just "ridiculous old local legends and stories". Jull's father had told his son that Malaz Island's "true guardian and protector was a common fisher just like them" - a claim that Jull felt to be particularly hard to swallow.[2]

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