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The Jungle of Himatan was a vast area covering eastern Jacuruku, beyond the Gangrek Range, neighbouring both the Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs and the Desert of the Adwami Tribes. The Himatan was ruled by Ardata, sometimes named the Demon- or Night-Queen,[1] while its populace was made up of her "children"[2] - a number of creatures no longer found in the rest of the world, although some humans also resided there.[3] The Dolmens of Tien lay in the far north of the region, while the somewhat mythical Jakal Viharn was situated in the northern region also, deep within the jungle itself. The jungle also included coastal regions, comprising of parts along the Ocean of Storms and the White Spires Sea.

Depiction of Himatan by Corporal Nobbs

The Himatan was said to be half of the mortal realm and half of the spirit realm.[4] Rather than protecting herself, or attacking invaders, Ardata had the Himatan itself to protect her jungle's denizens.[5]

In Blood and Bone[]

A number of different storylines converged in the Himatan, with Golan Amaway's Army of Righteous Chastisement marching through as a distraction for the Thaumaturg Circle of Masters,[6] who were travelling to an ancient Temple of Light. Also travelling there was Saeng, to take up her position as the new priestess of Light, and ultimately Pon-lor who initially was part of Golan's column but was sent to follow Saeng's trail through. Others within the Himatan were the Crimson Guard, whose presence was requested by Ardata herself; the Queen of Dreams, who was travelling to meet with Ardata; the Disavowed, who were returning to try to take control of the jungle; and a group of Malazan mercenaries, who were protecting a shard of the Crippled God they got while working for Sister Spite.

At one point during Pon-lor's journey he was asked, "what is Himatan?"[7] This came with an increasing amount of speculation from Golan that the jungle itself was Ardata's defence mechanism,[8][9] something that the Queen of Dreams confirmed.[5] It was finally revealed by Celeste, the aforementioned piece of the Crippled God, that Himatan itself was a sentient being.[10]

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