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K'rul's Belfry was the most recognisable feature of an abandoned temple dedicated to the Elder God K'rul which was situated in the Noble district of Darujhistan.[1] The temple was located at the summit of Old K'rul's Avenue which climbed the first of the inner city hills to a circular court, full of weeds and half-burried dolmens, opposite which was the temple. The last monk had died many generations ago and the temple had been abandoned. Now the stonework was latticed in cracks and overgrown with moss.[2] Although extremely old, the belfry and temple were nowhere near as old as the language of the Tiste Andii.[3]

The square belfry itself rose from the inner courtyard of the temple and bore designs of ages past. A spiral staircase led up to a high platform which had commanding views over all the nearby rooftops. Rose marble columns marked the four corners of the platform and held up the peaked roof, the sides of which were scaled in green-stained bronze tiles.[2][4] The left-sided wall of the staircase was lined with soot-stained paintings that told a story.[5]

In Gardens of the Moon Edit

The belfry featured several times in the book.

Talo Krafar thought he had escaped pursuers by climbing up to the platform of the belfry. Mistaking Crokus Younghand to be one of them he loosened a quarrel at the young thief but due to Oponn's interference, it missed. Moments later, Talo was killed.[6] The spilling of Talo's blood on ground once sanctified to K'rul was the event that summoned K'rul back to the world from the Realms of Chaos.[7][8]

Rallick Nom escaped to the belfry after the skirmish between Darujhistan's Assassins' Guild and Tiste Andii asassin-mages. Later, he made his stand here, killing Ocelot, the clan leader contracted to kill Coll.[9]

Crokus Younghand and Apsalar hid in the belfry in the hours leading to the night of the Gedderone Fête.[10]

Anomander Rake used the belfry to look over the city while awaiting the arrival of Raest, the Jaghut Tyrant. K'rul appeared before him to ask that Rake do nothing to harm his temple. K'rul also revealed that the temple was the only place that he could manifest his physical presence.[11]

In Memories of Ice Edit

The building was converted into a tavern, K'rul's Bar, by the retired Bridgeburners, Antsy, Picker, Blend and Mallet.[12]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Cutter told Scillara that the Elder God's temple must have stood for a thousand years in Darujhistan, but he was now forgotten and his worshippers vanished long ago.[13]

In Toll the Hounds Edit

The bar was attacked by members of the Assassins' Guild contracted to kill the remaining Bridgeburners.

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