Kadagar Fant was a Tiste Liosan and the Lord of Light.[1][2] His father, Krin Ne Fant, was a past Champion of High House Light.[3] Due to his father's (perceived) weakness, displayed through a memory of Kallor's visit to Saranas, Fant swore that he would remain childless and that he would have all Liosan as his children.[3]

Kadagar controlled the Hounds of Light, though it was stated that he had not "done well in the world beyond" with them, likely referencing their unsuccessful bid for the sword Dragnipur when two of the Hounds were killed.[1][4] He considered Aparal Forge his closest friend and advisor.[5]

In The Crippled God Edit

Kadagar was the leader of those who drank Kessobahn's blood, becoming a Soletaken dragon.[1] He had a number of Liosan executed as traitors for opposing the path of the Eleint.[1][6] He conscripted the entire population of Saranas to fight through the Lightfall to take Kharkanas, sending in these soldiers first.[3] Their efforts were later bolstered with the assistance of some Liosan Soletaken and the Hounds of Light.[3][7] The invasion proved to be a mass slaughter for both sides, with the corpses on the First Shore massing "three deep" to the ground, while the wounded were piled into trenches en masse.[8][9]

Kadagar himself stayed aloof from most of the fighting; he initially intended to join the battle in his Eleint form, but let Iparth Erule be first through the breach at the behest of Aparal Forge.[6] This resulted in Iparth's swift death, and left his corpse which Kadagar licked his lips at, calling a waste.[3]

Only after it was confirmed that only one Hust sword was possessed by the opposition and that the Shake were well outnumbered by the elite troops did Kadagar order the Liosan professional army into battle.[10] The battle ended in failure for the Liosan, who were outmatched with the arrival of the Tiste Andii. Kadagar witnessed their charge onto the Shore moments before he was slain by Korlat.[5]

Notes and referencesEdit

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