Kadaspala was a Tiste Andii, known as an artist. He was the brother of Enesdia (Andarist's betrothed)[1][2] and a member of House Enes.

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In Toll the HoundsEdit

Kadaspala was among the first to be chained within Dragnipur.[3] He attempted before Anomander Rake to take Dragnipur from Draconus, resulting in his murder.[4]

He blamed Rake for the death of his sister Enesdia and vowed vengeance.[5]

"Who blinded you?"
The Tiste Andii flinched, then seemed to curl into himself.  Tears glistened in the pits of his sockets.  "I blinded myself,"  Kadaspala whispered.  "When I saw what he'd done.  What he'd done.  To his brother.  To my sister.  To my sister.
―Ditch to Kadaspala[src]

A person within Dragnipur who could not pull the great wagon was piled on top of the heap of people in the wagon.[6] Kadaspala tattooed everyone on the top layer of bodies.[7] He blanketed every exposed patch of skin, with lines and images crossing from one body to the next, yet nowhere could he see solid areas – all was made up of intricate, delicate traceries, patterns within patterns.  He saw borders that dipped and twisted.  He saw elongated figures with stretched faces and misshapen torsos.  Not a single body atop this massive wagon had been exempted – barring Ditch's own.[8]

Kadaspala was to make a child god through the inticate tattoo's, with Ditch as the eye.

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Kadaspala was a renowned portrait painter with a dismissive, testy manner. His final work was of Vatha Urusander, commander of Urusander's Legion.

His family fell victim to the plotting of rogue Urusander's Legionnaire, Hunn Raal. Enesdia's wedding party, which included their father Jaen Enes, was murdered by soldiers before the wedding could take place.[9]

Kadaspala came upon the scene of his sister's murder and in his grief pulled out his own eyes. He blamed Anomander Rake for not having been there to prevent the murder.[10]

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