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Karakarang was one of the Holy Cities of Seven Cities. It was located on Otataral Island in the northeast part of the continent.[1] Specifically, it lay on an outjut of land bordered by the Talgai Sea on the west, the Bandiko Sea to the north, and the Sea of Gallada to the east.

It was the Holy City of the Tanno cult.[2] Tanno drakes brought pilgrims to Rutu Jelba from where a pilgrim route led over the Talgai Mountains to Karakarang.[3][4]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Fiddler, Kalam Mekhar,Crokus Younghand and Apsalar took passage as crew on a Blue Moranth trader from Genabackis to the imperial port of Karakarang. They then travelled on the Tano pilgrim route from Karakarang across the Talgai Mountains down to Rutu Jelba.[5] Fiddler later pondered that the whores of Karakarang had looked like poxed sisters from some gigantic poxed family with poxed babies on their hips.[6]

Turqa, the captain of Kimloc's private guard, told Fiddler that he had been Kimloc's first guest in the eleven years since the Spiritwalker negotiated the peaceful surrender of Karakarang to the Malazan Empire with High Fist Dujek Onearm. Turqa disclosed to Fiddler that although Kimloc could have destroyed the advancing Malazan forces, he chose to surrender in order to prevent the city from sharing the fate of Aren whose inhabitants had been slaughtered by the T'lan Imass. The time reference puts the surrender at around 1153 BS.[7]

In Memories of IceEdit

Quick Ben claimed that a sorceress going by the name of Nightchill had been involved when, nine centuries before the start of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, Karakarang was liberated from unknown occupiers.[8]

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