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Karpolan Demesand was a native of the small fortress city of Trygalle in southern Genabackis. Karpolan was one of the original founders of the Trygalle Trade Guild[1] as well as a caravan master, High Mage, and merchant. He was described as a huge man with gold-capped, diamond-studded teeth, pudgy hands, a round face, and small, bright eyes.[2] He typically dressed in silks and was prone to profuse sweating.[3]

Karpolan did not lack for luxuries during his Guild excursions. He brought a personal servant in his carriage who was ready to pour rare wines from a crystal decanter into a tray of goblets for guests.[4]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

The Trade Guild's newly opened Darujhistan office was contracted by renegade Fist Dujek Onearm and the T'orrud Cabal to bring supplies of fresh food and water to Fist Coltaine's Chain of Dogs on the Nenoth Odhan. Karpolan led the expedition. He also delivered a smoky glass bottle on a chain manufactured by Quick Ben directly to the Wickan Fist and advised him to wear it at all times.[5] The expedition then traveled on to Tremorlor where Karpolan made another delivery for Quick Ben, a supply of Moranth munitions for Fiddler.[6]

In The Bonehunters[]

Karpolan and his crew rested in Ehrlitan after delivering altar stones to Y'Ghatan to line the holy pool of the Temple of the Queen of Dreams. As they prepared for the next Ride, he sent his people into the city to gather information that might be valuable. Two of his newer shareholders, Artara and Nisstar, ran afoul of Apsalar when they discovered she was a Shadow Dancer — information that might prove useful to their master. The two went to Mebra, one of Karpolan's sources of comings and goings in the city, only to find him dead. Apsalar confronted the pair, telling them to inform Karpolan that she did not appreciate his attention and that Mebra had been assassinated by the Nameless Ones.[7][8]

Later, he was contracted by Ganoes Paran to accompany him, the ghost of Hedge, and the Jaghut sorceress Ganath across the Bridge of Death to the Nascent.[9] During their journey they were swarmed by more than fifty ochre-skinned creatures. Shareholder Stebar was killed while Paran had to rescue the seriously wounded Thyrss. Further along the bridge they discovered the shattered and abandoned carriage of Guild sorcerer, Darpareth Vayd, who had been missing for two years. Paran identified her attackers as Doan and Ganrod, the two Hounds of Shadow he had freed from Dragnipur. Karpolan worried about what else they might encounter in that place as Darpareth was his superior in magical talent. He agreed to share otherwise confidential information about Darpareth's final mission with Paran to better understand what they faced.[10]

Upon entering the Nascent, the group was stalked by a huge scaled and bear-like beast. Paran sent it elsewhere using a hastily drawn card from the Deck of Dragons.[11] Arriving at their destination they found seven enormous statues of the Deragoth (five complete and two shattered). At the base of one statue was a driftwood shrine containing the ritually sacrificed bodies of Darpareth Vayd and her last client, Sedara Orr. Paran kept Karpolan from entering correctly suspecting what they would find inside. Paran instructed Hedge to destroy the remaining statues with munitions to free the Deragoth. Karpolan readied the passage to escape the Warren ahead of the angered Deragoth and barely got them all out in time.[12]

They first appeared in a Warren crawling with undead who clung onto the sides of the carriage until Ganath hastily pulled them into Omtose Phellack. The carriage crashed down an icy hill, killing two horses and three shareholders.[13][14] After some quick repairs, Karpolan returned them to Seven Cities between the new Raraku Sea and G'danisban. Paran gave him Adjunct Lorn's Otataral sword as payment, which the High Mage promptly ordered shattered. He allowed Paran to keep a finger-sized shard before he and his shareholders finally returned home through the Warrens.[15]

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