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Quon Tali

Kartool Island was located north of Malaz Island, off the east coast of Quon Tali, separated from the mainland by the Bloor Sea. The capital of Kartool Island was the city of Kartool.

D'rek was the island's patron goddess until it had been conquered by the Malazan Empire and her worship suppressed.[1] Before the Malazans, only seven religions were permitted upon Kartool, namely D'rek (first and foremost), Soliel, Poliel, Beru, Burn, Hood, and Fener. Presumably after the Malazan conquest, other religions had arrived such as those of the Queen of Dreams, Shadow, Dessembrae, Togg, and Oponn.[2]

The island was overrun with poisonous yellow-banded paralt spiders, and many of the fish in the surrounding waters were no less toxic.[3]

During the Clear Season of autumn, prevailing winds made travel to Malaz Island and the south virtually impossible for two months.[4] Santos fish caught from shoals off the island were considered a delicacy.[5]

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