The Kerluhm were one of the large nations of the Imass, and later T'lan Imass, the other five being the Logros, the Kron, the Ifayle, the Bentract, and the Orshayn.

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In Memories of IceEdit

On order of Emperor Kellanved, the Logros had sent Olar Ethil in search of these remaining T'lan Imass armies, such as they knew from the First Gathering. She reported at the Second Gathering that she could find no sign of the Kerluhm and therefore concluded they no longer existed.[1]

Roughly eight months prior to the Second Gathering of 1164 BS, the Kerluhm along with the Ifayle, had entered into a war against human opposition on the continent of Assail. The army which once consisted of twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and fifteen had since been annihilated and it was believed that Lanas Tog, who set out for the Second Gathering, was the last of them.[2]

In AssailEdit

Lanas Tog discovered the Kerluhm Bonecaster, Ut'el Anag, and his warriors awakening in a moraine left by a retreating Jaghut icewall on Assail.[3] She used Ut'el to continue the fight against the Jaghut of Assail without informing him of the Imass Redemption brought by Silverfox. When Ut'el discovered Lanas' deception, he scattered her to dust in an "ages-long dismissal".[4]

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