Central Kharkanas

Central Kharkanas

Kharkanas [Khar-kaenas] was the Tiste Andii capital of the Hold of Darkness[1] also given the honorific 'Wise Kharkanas'.[2] It was bisected by the Dorssan Ryl river.

Only one of royal Tiste Andii blood could make a true claim to the throne.[3]

The throne room in the palace was reached via stairs. There was a marble banister at the top of the stairs. The room itself had several entrances and was dominated by black stone and black wood. The floor had a crimson and onyx mosaic. The throne was raised on a knee-high dais that was the stump of a blackwood tree, roots of which snaked down into the surrounding floor. The throne itself had been carved from the bole, a simple, almost ascetic chair. One side entrance had a pedestal to either side on which stood black lacquered amphora, one of which broke when flung by Sandalath Drukorlat in a fit of temper.[4]

The adjective "Kharkanan" was used to refer to something of or related to Kharkanas.[5]

In Dust of Dreams Edit

Queen of the Shake Yan Tovis and her brother, Yedan Derryg titled "The Watch" led their people and a mass of Letherii refugees from the foundering prison of Second Maiden Fort to Blind Gallan's road. After travelling the path and encountering Tiste Liosan and Forkrul Assail, the exodus of ten thousand found the city of Kharkanas abandoned. But the refugees took shelter there and tried to return to normality while Yedan and Yan Tovis prepared to defend the city against invasion by the Tiste Liosan.

Mother Dark returned to Kharkanas, something that would be sensed by all Tiste Andii.

In The Crippled God Edit

Sandalath Drukorlat was the first Andii to return to Kharkanas where, as the only Tiste Andii present, she reluctantly accepted the role as Queen of Kharkanas.[6] As the Liosan breached Lightfall and their legions attempted to sack Kharkanas and kill Mother Dark, Sandalath spiraled into madness remembering the horrors of the past that took place within the palace; the noble families often exchanged Hostages (Sand being among them) with many raised against a backdrop of constant backstabbing, murder, and finally with the fall of Kharkanas, bloody anarchy. Sand's husband Withal, who came to Kharkanas with her, was unable to stop her decline.

Yedan, Yan Tovis, the Shake, and Letherii were able to defend the First Shore long enough for Nimander Golit to lead the Andii home from Black Coral; after defeating the Liosan at the Shore, the Andii invaded the city of the Liosan to put an end to the endless war.

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Kurald Galain

Map of Kurald Galain

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