Map Chain of Dogs 2

Map of the Chain of Dogs march, part 2

The Khundryl were a tribe on the Seven Cities subcontinent based west of Nenoth Odhan.[1] They were considered to be the mightiest tribe south of Vathar Forest.[2] The tribe was divided into clans, the most notable being the Burned Tears.

Their war chiefs wore strange greyish, almost reptilian armour beneath skins, furs, and fetishes. The black hair of their long mustaches, knotted beards, and spiked braids obscured their angular and sun-darkened features. They were armed with tulwars.[3] They were unusually pale-skinned by Seven Cities standards.[4]

The Khundryl were known to ride ponies[5] and horses, but had come late to the practise.[6] They lived in yurts, hunted Bhederin and boar, and drank a fermented milk called Urtathan.[7]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

The Khundryl gathered by the tens of thousands to participate in the Battle of Sanimon between Korbolo Dom's army of the Apocalypse and Fist Coltaine's 7th Army. Although seemingly on the side of Dom and the other tribes of the southern odhans, the Khundryl actually used the opportunity to prove their strength over their rivals. They turned on Dom's army shattering the tribes of the Bhilard, Can'eld, Semk, Tithan, and Tregyn. Afterwards, one of their war chiefs spoke to Coltaine and honoured the Wickans as the most powerful tribe on the odhan.[8]

In House of Chains Edit

The Burned Tears of the Khundryl under Warchief Gall joined Adjunct Tavore to fight under her command of the Fourteenth Army. When asked whether the Burned Tears intend to seek vengeance against Korbolo Dom, Gall shook his head and said, "That will come, yes. But we seek to make amends."[9]

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