"She knew all about desecration. It was her hobby..."
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Kilmandaros was worshipped as an Elder Goddess by the Forkrul Assail. She favored a form that possessed the physical characteristics of the species, such as more joints than a normal humanoid, allowing her to manipulate her body into odd shapes. She was obsessed with death and destruction. She was the mother of Sechul Lath and step-mother of Errastas.

In Midnight TidesEdit

Kilmandaros by Corporal Nobbs

Kilmandaros by Corporal Nobbs

Shortly after the sundering of Kurald Emurlahn, the Malazan world was invaded through a violent rent by the combined armies of Silchas Ruin's Tiste Andii and Scabandari Bloodeye's Tiste Edur. The invaders defeated an army of K'Chain Che'Malle before Scabandari betrayed Silchas and murdered his surviving Andii. Although known within the Malazan world by Gothos, Kilmandaros came from the world on the other side of the rent. The Elder God, Mael, made an alliance with her to slay Scabandari and scatter his Edur.[1]

Kilmandaros eventually tracked down Scabandari and shattered his skull while his spirit was imprisoned within a prison of eternal pain. The Tiste Edur believed Scabandari earned Kilmandaros and the other Elder gods' enmity because his invasion had spurred the dying K'Chain Che'Malle race to orchestrate a final ritual. This ritual created an endpoint for the eternal war between Dark, Light, and Shadow that would mean the end of all existance.[2]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Three Eleint chained in ShadowAmpelas, Eloth, and Kalse — told Cotillion that Scabandari's soul remained alive, but in torment. The one who shattered his skull and so destroyed his body had no allegiance to the Eleint or anyone but herself.[3]

While in the Imperial Warren, the ground collapsed under Quick Ben and Stormy sending them plummeting into a deep fissure. Kalam found them unconscious within a chamber decorated with large painted panels:[4]

"No idle decoration, this, but a work of art, a master's hand exuberantly displayed in each and every detail. Heavily clothed, more or less human in form, the figures were in positions of transcendence, arms upraised in worship or exaltation, faces filled with joy. Whilst, crowding their feet, dismembered body parts had been painted, blood-splashed and buzzing with flies. The mangled flesh continued down to the chamber's floor, then on out, and Kalam saw now that the bloody scene covered the entire expanse of floor, as far as he could see in every direction."

Cotillion identified the chamber as a temple to one of the Elder Gods. He suggested it might have belonged to Kilmandaros, Grizzin Farl, or even K'rul.[4]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Inside Kurald Emurlahn Kilmandaros had been slaying pretenders, 'scavengers', who eagerly tore free their own private pieces of the realm, among them some feral dragons. While in the distance civil wars raged across the realm.[5] Shortly after killing Scabandari Bloodeye, Kilmandaros returned to the rent and found another figure standing before it—Anomander Purake. They made a pact to drive the pretenders from the realm, and they both decided that the Throne of Shadow must stay unoccupied. Finally Kilmandaros declared, "If Kurald Emurlahn must die, then let it do so on its own."[5]

The Tiste Edur Warlock King, Hannan Mosag, sent Bruthen Trana to find the soul of Brys Beddict.[6] Bruthen Trana came across an underwater Azath House where he had a glass of wine with Knuckles and Kilmandaros.[7] It was revealed that Kilmandaros was imprisoned inside an Azath House by Anomander Rake. Even Knuckles was impressed that the Azath held her at all. Knuckles thought the Azath had let Kilmandaros escape, but she did not agree and said, "Not even the Azath could hold me for ever." In this House under the Sea (Mael's realm), Kilmandaros and Knuckles spent time playing a contentious game with small bones. After a violent outburst by Kilmandaros, Knuckles 'stilled the grains' (i.e., stopped time) temporarily so his mother would have longer to look for a pattern in the bone arrangement.[7]

She was imprisoned in the Azath House for betraying Anomander Rake, but she argued it was only in anticipation of a betrayal of his own. Knuckles told her that Anomander Rake never broke his word, declaring that his Mother and Osserc had the bad habit of "anticipating" imminent betrayals.[7]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

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In The Crippled God Edit

Kilmandaros by Puck

Kilmandaros and Sechul Lath by Puck

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Kilmandaros.

It was hinted that Kilmandaros, Sechul Lath and Errastas were behind the plan to steal the heart of the Crippled God. Kilmandaros freed Korabas, the Otataral Dragon. In retaliation, she was hunted down and killed by Draconus.

Significant plot details end here.

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

In the Elder Age, the Child of Earth Denuth despaired for peace on a world filled with such powerful feuding entities as Draconus and Liossercal, among others. He recalled Kilmandaros saying that the unending strife was "no more than pettiness and childish prickliness."[8]

In Forge of Darkness Edit

Kilmandaros was revealed to be one of the Azathanai and the wife of Grizzin Farl. She came across Haut, Varandas, and Korya Delath as she raced through the valley around the "Empty City" of Omtose Phellack, weeping and smashing down Jaghut towers. Haut and Varandas challenged her and drove her away.[9] From there she ran to the Tower of Hate and encountered Draconus and his son, Arathan, nearby. She and Draconus argued as she forcibly tried to take Arathan to bed. Draconus informed her that Errastas and Sechul Lath had murdered Karish, the wife of Hood, and he recommended she kill them both. Kilmandaros went back into the night to continue her fit of rage and grief.[10]

In Fall of LightEdit

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Errastas: "How does Kilmandaros feel about killing her own children?"
Sechul Lath: "Don’t you understand anything, Errastas? She doesn’t feel anything."
―Errastas and Sechul Lath conspiring[src]

"She wore violence like a fur cloak riding her shoulders, a billowing emanation that brushed him again and again."
―Sechul Lath thinking about his mother[src]

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