The Kingdom of Unta was one of the more successful and expansionist Quon Talian city states prior to the rise of the Malazan Empire. Sometime before the rise of the Malazan Empire, but still within living memory, the kingdom had formed the despotic Untan Confederacy.[1] The kingdom was a major military power and even annexed the Napan Isles, forcing many displaced refugees to seek refuge on Malaz Island.[2] In turn, Unta was annexed by Kellanved after his rise to power in Malaz City.

At the time of Napan's annexation, the king of Unta hoped to use the isles as a staging area for the invasion of Kartool. He engaged in trading of prisoners with Mock, the pirate king of Malaz Island, who captured a ship of privateers harrowing the king's vessels.[3]

The Iron Legion was an elite heavy infantry regiment, which had been annihilated during Kellanved’s invasion of the Kingdom of Unta.[4]

The Untan Knights had been an elite cavalry regiment composed of the nobility of the Kingdom of Unta. In the battle that took place east of Jurda, the Untan Knights had run their burdened warhorses in useless feints and maneuvers until they were exhausted. Capitalizing on that, the Malazan Army under Dassem Ultor and Kellanved had shattered the Untan army, including the Knights.[5]

The D'Avore family had once been a royal family under the governance of the Kingdom of Unta. Kenussen D'Avore rebelled against the Untans in 1060 BS but was defeated and subjugated in a battle where his troops were wiped out due to unfavorable tactical positioning.[6]

After the subjugation of the Kingdom of Unta, Topper, a Claw, had decimated Unta's royal line. In his own words, he had killed the King, Queen, sons and daughters, as well as their cousins, second cousins, and third cousins, expunging all hopes for the Kingdom of Unta to continue.[7]

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