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The Kokakal Sea was a fierce and cold sea[1] located in the northern part of Seven Cities. It was bordered by the Olphara Peninsula to the west and the Thalas Mountains to the southeast. To the north of the sea lay the Dryjhna Ocean, and to its north east could be found the Sea of Kaltepe Kadesh. The most notable city along its coast was Yath Alban.

Thousands of years ago a citadel had stood on an island in the middle of a bay thirteen leagues to the west of Sotka. Then the T'lan Imass had shattered a Jaghut enclave far to the north, melting the ice, and raising the sea levels. Water ate away at the island until nothing was left but the ruined pillars of the causeway that once linked it to the shore. The island's remains caused rough breakers in the water.[2]

The sea's southern shoreline was characterised by basalt and black sand.[3]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Admiral Nok's fleet sailed into the Kokakal Sea to extract Adjunct Tavore Paran's 14th Army from Seven Cities. A lonely stretch of coastline was the only place free enough of the Bluetongue Plague in order for the fleet to make anchor and the army to safely embark.[4]

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