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Korlat was a Tiste Andii night-hunter and blood-kin to Serrat,[3] Anomander Rake's second-in-command. Orfantal was her brother.[4] She had been in Rake's service for over fourteen thousand years.[5]

Korlat was a tall woman with midnight skin and long black hair.[6] Her angled, almond-shaped eyes were often violet,[1] but sometimes the colour of sun-bleached grass,[7] white hot iron, or slate grey.[8] Whiskeyjack thought her extraordinarily beautiful.[9]

She was also a Soletaken and her form was that of an Eleint,[10] although she found the cold, inhuman power of her draconic form frightening.[11] She seemed capable of reading the thoughts of others, although it was unclear whether she used magic or was remarkably perceptive.[12]

Despite her calm and martial exterior, Itkovian was nearly staggered by the feelings of sadness, empty existence, and eternity of loss he sensed within Korlat. She bore hidden wounds of the spirit that did not heal and possessed buried memories that should never be reawakened.[13]

Korlat wore fine, scaled armour beneath a black-dyed, rawhide shirt.[14]

In Gardens of the Moon[]

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Gardens of the Moon.

Interpretation of Korlat by dejan-delic

Korlat was one of the assassin-mages sent into Darujhistan by Rake to hunt down members of the Assassins' Guild and also one of the four dragons who accompanied Silanah in her attack on Raest.[15] She called off the hunt for vengeance on Vorcan who, after killing Serrat, had escaped into the newly formed Azath house.[16]

In Memories of Ice[]

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Memories of Ice.

Interpretation of Korlat as seen in Memories of Ice by Shadaan

After Serrat's death, Korlat served as Anomander Rake's Second and representative among Caladan Brood's forces during the Pannion War. In Brood's camp, she became a friend and companion of the Mhybe, for whom she felt great sympathy, and of the woman's unnatural child Silverfox, of whom she was wary. Along with Crone, Korlat attempted to ease the suffering caused by the link between mother and child.[17]

At the first war council between Brood and Dujek Onearm's renegade Malazan army, Korlat first saw Whiskeyjack, who she said "cut quite the figure".[18] She signaled to Whiskeyjack and later spoke with him regarding Silverfox, saying that she trusted him already.[19] She convinced Brood that Silverfox was worth protecting, with Kallor adamant that the girl would destroy them all, and was even willing to stand against Rake himself for her when a confrontation occurred.[20]

Whiskeyjack and Korlat by Toraneko

Korlat was drawn to Whiskeyjack's unshakeable integrity and the two eventually became lovers.[21][22] To Korlat's disbelief, Whiskeyjack also forged a friendship with Rake, the Son of Darkness' only such friendship since he had bonded with Caladan Brood thousands of years before.[23] Whiskeyjack and Korlat's relationship was difficult at times as the Malazan's position meant he had to keep secrets from her, such as the truth of his renegade status. But Rake helped Korlat understand Whiskeyjack's motivations, allowing them to smooth over their differences. Rake was moved by the love Korlat had found with the Malazan, saying he had never thought to see her heart open and flower again.[24]

After lifting the Siege of Capustan, the alliance marched to Coral to take the war to the Pannion Seer. Whiskeyjack began talking of retirement and his future after the army. Korlat was ready to leave Rake's service for the entirety of Whiskeyjack's remaining life and settle in a "log cabin in some frontier kingdom, a long way away from the Empire" or a "remote, wind-battered keep in some mountain fastness."[25][26] But Rake's long disappearance with Moon's Spawn forced her to realise that her duty to her people trumped her personal happiness.[27]

Korlat by Sarah Mirza

Dujek devised a plan to secretly send the bulk of the Malazan army ahead to Coral without alerting their allies. Whiskeyjack was left behind to break the news at Maurik, earning Brood and Kallor's scorn. Korlat stood by Whiskeyjack and joined his small army in their attempt to force march to Coral where Dujek was already engaged in the Battle of Black Coral. But Brood and his soldiers lingered behind.[28]

They were followed to Coral by the traitorous Kallor who struck Korlat from behind and launched an attack on Silverfox. Whiskeyjack defended the Bonecaster, but his injured leg broke causing him to stumble, giving Kallor the opportunity to stab him through the chest. Whiskeyjack and Korlat's eyes met as the Malazan died. Tayschrenn's sorcerous attacks forced Kallor to flee by Warren.[29]

Korlat nearly died of her wounds, only surviving due to Brood's healing magic. Then she veered to her Eleint form to fight the Seer's demonic Condors alongside her brother. Eventually, Orfantal released her to grieve over the body of her lover. Korlat lied to a disbelieving Dujek, saying Whiskeyjack's leg had broken only after the fatal blow. She and Orfantal then vowed to pursue Kallor and bring him to Rake's justice.[30]

In Toll the Hounds[]

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Toll the Hounds.

Interpretation of Korlat in casual mode by johntocaelpiano

Korlat eventually caught up to Kallor, but decided to end her pursuit in order to see to Spinnock Durav, who had fought Kallor all night before falling. She administered a potion to him that she had which had been prepared by Endest Silann and then carried him away.[10]

In Dust of Dreams[]

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Dust of Dreams.
In a dream, it was revealed that Sandalath Drukorlat was the mother of Orfantal and so, by extension, Korlat's mother.

In The Crippled God[]

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The Crippled God.

Reunion of Korlat and Whiskeyjack by Efiredne

Korlat arrived at the tail end of the battle at Lightfall. Along with Prazek and Dathenar, she fought the Liosan Soletaken dragons. The battle went badly for them, until Silanah arrived with Nimander and his kin. She slew Kadagar Fant in the end.

Korlat refused to see her mother, saying she had no place in her house. Instead she offered to resurrect the ancient tradition of a Sister of Night standing at the side of the Queen of the Shake. Yan Tovis told her that that was no place for one of the pure blood. Korlat revealed that she was in fact not of pure blood. Yan Tovis then welcomed her into the House of Shake. She and others subsequently referred to Korlat as 'Sister of Cold Nights'.[31]

Arriving after the Battle for the Spire along with her kin, Korlat encountered the remnants of Whiskeyjack's old squad. Fiddler played "My Lover Waits" to summon Whiskeyjack back so Korlat could see him one more time on this side of death.

In Fall of Light[]

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Fall of Light.

During the destruction of Dracons Hold, Draconus' Finnest was released. Twisted by Envy and Spite, it sorcerously assaulted Sandalath Drukorlat, producing a child. Sandalath named the girl Korlat.[32]

Korlat grew preternaturally quickly. On the same day she was born, she appeared "four, perhaps five weeks old".[33] She gained "twice her birth weight" a short time later.[34] Orfantal claimed that she had the "blood of an Azathanai in her".[35]

Sandalath was unable to love Korlat.[36] She instead rationalized Korlat's existence by insisting that she was born to be Orfantal's protector.[37] Sandalath rejected Orfantal's expression of intent to take care of his younger sister,[38] but Wreneck warned Orfantal of his mother's scars, and asked him to be a better older brother to Korlat than Wreneck was to Orfantal.[39]

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