Korya Delath was a young Tiste woman from Lesser House Delack in Abara Delack.[1] She was thin with sharp features.[2]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

She was the only Tiste who was Hostage to a Jaghut, living with Haut in his tower keep in the Jaghut Odhan, far to the west of Kurald Galain.[3][4] Haut spoke of his educating Korya and of his preparing her to be a Mahybe or vessel.[5] Towards the end of her period as hostage, Haut took her on a journey to further her education. First they arrived at the Spar of Andii where they came across the body of the murdered Karish, who was Hood's wife and thus Haut's sister-in-law.[6] Haut and Korya continued their journey and encountered the Jaghut historian, Varandas, before finally arriving in Omtose Phellack, the "Empty City", to speak to the Lord of Hate and to Hood.[7] Later, Korya was able to observe the result of the grief-stricken Hood having declared war on Death itself - Hood having succeeded in gathering on the Jaghut Odhan tens of thousands of Jaghut, Dog-Runners, Thel Akai, and various other peoples and races to his army.[8]

In Fall of LightEdit

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Although Korya names herself a member of Lesser House Delack, the list of Tiste noble families at the front of Forge of Darkness ties her to the Greater House Drukorlas.

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