Map Edur Lands

Map of Edur Lands and the North Lether frontier

Kraig's Landing was three seemingly ramshackle buildings and a dock upriver from the city of Trate near the Letherii Empire's border with the Tiste Edur lands.[1][2] One of the buildings was actually a solidly built hostel with a tavern below it.[3]

In Midnight TidesEdit

At the start of hostilities between the Letherii and the Tiste Edur, King Ezgara Diskanar hoped to stop the war before it began by launching a quick strike on the Edur villages.[4] Mage cadres and soldiers from the Cold Clay Battalion and Snakebelt Battalion led by Arahathan and Enedictal were sent to Kraig's Landing along with Nekal Bara, Trate's resident sorcereress. They performed a magic ritual in concert with Ceda Kuru Qan that sent an enormous curtain of killing green fire over the mountains against the Edur villages. The ritual's destructive power collapsed one of Kraig's Landing's outlying buildings.[5]

Acquitor Seren Pedac and Buruk the Pale observed the ritual after coming down the mountains into Kraig's Landing from the Warlock King's village. Afterwards, they drank in the tavern and caught a ride on a barge back to Trate.[6]

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