Kreege was an old wharf rat who spent his mornings drinking at the Savory Bar in Lamentable Moll. There, he and his friend Dully, opined on regional politics. The pair worked on the docks together unloading ships and schemed of ways to make quick, easy coin. Their latest business venture involved removing bodies from the city streets for pay which they then fed to crabs that they raised and sold as food.[1]

Kreege had a stubbled, heavy jaw and small, dark eyes. He spoke with a slow drawl and his mouth was filled with uneven, rotting teeth.[2]

He was likely the father of Emancipor Reese's youngest son, for whom he shared a greater than normal affection.[3] Dully enjoyed tormenting their "friend" Emancipor by knowingly giving him bad and dangerous advice and Kreege followed his lead.

In Blood FollowsEdit

Dully recommended that the jobless Emancipor Reese seek employment with Bauchelain and Korbal Broach while Kreege choked back a warning.[4] Later, Dully recommended Emancipor take passage on the Suncurl, a ship that he and Kreege had unloaded and made a tidy profit from selling iron nails. Despite Kreege's misgivings, neither revealed that the nails were taken from the city's barrows.[5][6]

In The Lees of Laughter's EndEdit

Kreege and Dully's cursed nails spawned a multi-souled lich in the hold of the Suncurl that killed several crew members before it was dispatched.[7]

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