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Kron T'lan Imass was the name of the clans under the command of Kron.[1] One of the large nations of the Imass, and later T'lan Imass, the Kron were the one major army to appear at the Second Gathering of Silverfox.

Known clans[]

One of the original Imass clans to form the Kron was the Nashar Clan.[2] Another clan was the Eptr Phinana.[3]

Notable members[]

In Gardens of the Moon[]

Onos T'oolan mentioned to Imperial Adjunct Lorn that the Logros had gathered minds after Emperor Kellanved's death and that this resulted in a binding which also applied to the Kron so they, too, would not be able to answer her questions about the First Throne.[5]

In Memories of Ice[]

During the Pannion War, they fought the K'Chain Che'Malle under the command of Silverfox. At the Second Gathering, they requested Silverfox to sever the bindings of the Ritual, so that the weary warriors could embrace oblivion but were refused.

At the Siege of Coral, Itkovian embraced and took away their pain at the cost of his own life. Afterwards, They left for Assail to rescue the Kerluhm and the Ifayle trapped on the continent.

In House of Chains[]

An epigraph in House of Chains revealed that the Kron had fought their 17th or 18th Jaghut War in the Laederon Plateau. The victor of the war was unclear as the Jaghut still remained alive but severely injured within the region's glacier in 1012 BS.[6] As the glacier later receded it revealed the bodies of a shattered army. The stairway through Bone Pass may have been created with the skeletons of tens of thousands of Kron.[7]

In The Bonehunters[]

Onrack T'emlava said the Kron clan had never fallen under Kellanved's control because they had been too distant from the First Throne when the Emperor took command of it.[8]

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