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Kulp [kuhlp][1] was a cadre mage in the Malazan 7th Army.[2] His warren was Meanas.[3]

He was described as squat with a narrow face, white hair, and wiry eyebrows. He was sunburned on his first appearance.[4][5]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

At the time Coltaine took command of the 7th Army in Hissar, Kulp was its only remaining cadre mage.[4] He thought the new Fist a snarling savage, and was wary of the power he sensed from Coltaine's warlock Sormo E'nath.[6] When Baria Setral's Red Blades appeared ready to start a fight with Coltaine's Wickans, Kulp stepped in and put a stop to it.[7]

Duiker asked Kulp to help free a historian named Heboric who was a political prisoner in the Otataral mines. Their plan to take a boat to the island was interrupted by the outbreak of the Whirlwind rebellion. Kulp fought his way to safety onboard the Malazan Coastal Guard vessel Ripath while Duiker raced back to Hissar. The mage then pulled rank on Corporal Gesler and his crewmates Stormy and Truth and commandeered their vessel to complete his assignment.[8]

Kulp, Heboric and Felisin by Marc Simonetti (Official image)

Kulp rescued Heboric, Felisin Paran, and Baudin, but their vessel was pulled through a rent by an insane mage. Kulp used his magic to help them escape the Nascent, but lost control of the tear into Meanas. The Shadow Warren was saved from flooding by The Unwelcome, but in the process Kulp, Heboric, Felisin, and Baudin were transported to the Raraku desert.[9]

The group traveled through a raging sandstorm and a lost city of First Empire before stumbling upon the peculiar merchant Nawahl Ebur. The merchant was in fact the D'ivers Gryllen following the Path of Hands, who sembled into a horde of rats and brutally ate Kulp alive. The others were able to escape when the Soletaken Messremb attacked Gryllen and Baudin set the rats afire, although he perished in the act.[10]

In House of Chains[]

Pearl and Lostara Yil came upon the merchant's campsite while searching for Felisin. Pearl stooped to investigate one pile of bones that had been terribly gnawed by rats and found a small piece of metal marked with the sigil of the Malazan Mage cadre.[11]

In The Bonehunters[]

Heboric lamented the loss of Kulp, Baudin, and Felisin, feeling they had died for nothing because he had been too inadequate to save them.[12]

On the night Adjunct Tavore Paran's 14th Army returned to Malaz City, Fiddler, Gesler, and Stormy made their way to Braven Tooth's room in the Mouse Quarter. Fiddler played a sorrow-filled song for fallen friends and comrades. He included Kulp among them.[13]

Later histories were unclear on Kulp's fate or used his disappearance to suit their purposes. Kayessan's conspiracy minded The Year of Ten Thousand Lies, claimed he was made to disappear to leave the Malazan Army vulnerable to the machinations of Coltaine's Wickan witches and warlocks.[14]

In Reaper's Gale[]

During the Malazan invasion of the Letherii Empire, Gesler reminisced on Kulp's fate. The last time he had seen the mage, Kulp had been flung head over heels off the stern rail of a ship in a firestorm. He told Bottle he liked to think Kulp landed in the cool fountain of young widow's back garden just as the woman had been on her knees praying for salvation.[15]

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