The L'aederon Wars were fought between the Kron T'lan Imass and the Forkrul Assail. At some point, the Logros T'lan Imass sent one of their Bonecasters, Tenag Ilbaie, to assist the Kron in their wars. According to fellow Bonecaster Onrack, their fight had always been a lost cause since they had never before triumphed over the Forkrul. Tenag Ilbaie's failure, which Tenag himself had expected, was nevertheless unacceptable to the Imass, and he was banished. Onrack thought Tenag's actions faultless and criticized the T'lan Imass for their decision.[1]

Speculations Edit

  • The Forkrul, Calm, was found by Karsa Orlong and his companions in a cave in the Laederon Plateau. By her own admission, she had been pinned under a rock by Icarium and the T'lan Imass. Acoording to Uryd legends, a demon (the Forkrul) had come there to broker a peace between the surviving Jaghut and the T'lan Imass. However, her imprisoned condition and the fact that the Bone Pass, a pass made entirely of thick, short, and likely T'lan Imass bones, made it highly probable that Calm had been in the Laederon Plateau to fight the T'lan Imass and that the L'aederon Wars took place in the L'aederon Plateau.[2]
  • The L'aederon Wars, the Spirit Wars, and the 17th or 18th Jaghut War may all have been different names for the same conflict.

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