Lady Batevari was an elderly Seeress/Fortuneteller - originally from the city of Darujhistan in Genabackis - who was now residing on Diviner's Row in the city of Unta in Quon Tali. She was known in the streets of Unta as the High Priestess of the Queen of Dreams, but - as Lady Batevari and the local Temple of the Queen of Dreams ignored each other - her official position, if any, within the cult was unknown.[1]

She was described as a short, stick-limbed, frail old woman with grey hair, sunken black eyes and a very wrinkled face. When the Seeress was asked something that she apparently did not want to address, she behaved as though she had not heard the question.[2]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Lady Batevari was frequently visited by Mallick Rel, ostensibly to consult her about the future but in reality to meet with her employee, the assassin Taya Radok, who was, in fact, working for him.[3]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

When Lady Batevari was young enough for her hair to still be dark in colour, she had travelled to Kartool City on Kartool Island. There she visited the Temple devoted to the Cult of D'rek, and found her way to the outer chamber of the quarters of the High Priest of the Cult, the Demidrek, Ithell - who was in the process of slowly dying. Approaching the high-ranked priest of D'rek, Tayschrenn - who was on his way to see Ithell - Lady Batevari grabbed hold of his arm to get his attention. She first suggested that the two of them get together to "discuss the enhancing potential of certain drugs in Warren exploration", but Tayschrenn could not have been less interested in doing so. The Seeress then followed with a remark concerning Tallow, the Invigilator who had been sent to the Kartool Cult to assist in the coming transition period which would ensue upon the actual death of the Demidrek. Lady Batevari, speaking in a low, accented voice, asked Tayschrenn if he had noticed the strange aura which surrounded the Invigilator. Brushing the Seeress off with a few words, Tayschrenn continued on his way, having earned a "ferocious glare" from Lady Batevari.[4]

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