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Lake Azur was a large body of water found in the center of Genabackis. The Maiten river, coming off the Dwelling Plain to the south of the lake, fed into it. The northern shore had a pebble beach.[1]

The large city of Darujhistan was located on the southern shore of the lake. The smaller cities of Gredfallan and Dhavran also bordered the lake to the southwest and west, respectively. It was bounded on the north by the Tahlyn Mountains and the Gadrobi Hills to the southeast.

In ancient times the lake had once been an inland sea that covered the Rhivi Plain.[2]

In Gardens of the Moon[]

A squad of Bridgeburners was dropped on the northern shore of the lake by Moranth Quorl. The slick pebbled beach near where they were dropped had a dome of bedrock further up from which it was possible to see the faint glow of the lights of Darujhistan over the misty early morning fog laying over Lake Azur. There was a mossy tumble of rocks at the base of the slope on the other side and a redwood forest stood against the mountainside which contained a secluded glade. Nearby was a clearing in a thicket from where the Moranth took off.[3] There was also a secluded glade within the forest which Quick Ben used for a magic ritual.[4]

The squad then crossed the lake from there to Darujhistan with a fishing boat.[5]


Although the map of Genabackis implies that Lake Azur is landlocked, there are several references within the books that suggest a river passage from the lake to the sea. In one instance, the waterfront of Darujhistan is visited by merchant ships from Callows and Elingarth — cities on the coast of Genabackis.[6] In another instance, characters travelling from Darujhistan to Seven Cities travel by ship to Dhavran on the lake's west coast and then on to a river mouth.[7] Perhaps the unnamed river south of Mengal needs to be extended to Dhavran on the Genabackis map.

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