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Lakefront Street was a street in the Lakefront district of the city of Darujhistan, on Genabackis.[1]

The street had a wide, paved walk, on which merchants would lay out their wares early in the morning. Amongst the silks would be cloth from Illem, Setta, Lest and Sarrokalle. There used to be a wider selection, however, trade from the north had ended with the Malazan occupation.[2]

The Trygalle Trade Guild had at least some of their enormous carriages manufactured at Bernuk's, a business 'just back of Lakefront' - it is unclear whether this statement by Crokus Younghand referred to the street, the Lakefront itself or the district.[3]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Circle Breaker used Lakefront Street to get from his post at Despot's Barbican to the room where he was staying.[4]

Crokus walked along the street on his way to the Higher Estates.[5]

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