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The Lamatath Plain, or Plain of Lamatath, was a vast grassland which stretched nearly from coast to coast in southern Genabackis to the south of Darujhistan.[1] To the south of it lay the cities of Callows and Trygalle.

The plain was home to several tribal peoples including the Gandaru, Kindaru, Sinbarl, and Skathandi. Animals such as Bhederin, antelope, wolves, coyotes, foxes, hares, snakes, lizards, and plains bears made their home on the plain as well.[2]

In Memories of Ice Edit

The T'lan Imass warrior Tool, Lady Envy, Toc the Younger, Mok, Thurule, Senu, Baaljagg and Garath travelled to the Pannion Domin across the Plain. It was there that Tool fashioned for Toc an Imass bow and stone arrows.

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