Lamentable Moll, or simply Moll, was a port city in Theft, governed by King Seljure. It was described as having "slate-covered barrows humped the streets, tilted the houses and cramped the alleyways in every quarter".[1] It was known for its minor sorcerers, diviners, readers, warlocks, and well-sounders.[2]

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  • Doll Street
  • Low Merchant Way
  • Street of Ills


  • Estate District
  • Noble Quarter
  • Temple Round

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In Blood FollowsEdit

During the visit of infamous necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach, the city was plagued by a series of shocking murders. In this same period the pair took on Emancipor Reese as their manservant.


Life in Lamentable Moll was quite different than on the rest of the Korel continent. As depicted in Stonewielder, magic and religious worship were strictly controlled by the continent's patron goddess, the Lady. Yet in Blood Follows, mages and worship of foreign gods appeared to be unrestricted. It is unclear whether this was due to some special property of the city or merely a continuity error between books.

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