Last was part of a group of Letherii exiles who wandered in the Wastelands.

In Dust of DreamsEdit

The group stumbled upon Kalse Rooted, a seemingly abandoned K'Chain Che'Malle nest. He was accompanied by Taxilian, Asane, Breath, Sheb, Nappet and Rautos Hivanar.[1]

Last remembered his childhood. He and his father had dismantled a shed and Last had come across the nest of a family of mice which must have been crushed in the process of their work and this had made him cry. That evening, when Last and his father had followed their ritual of burning knotted hoops of wrinkle grass at the modest barrow of his mother, he had cried again, and his father had hugged him and said that he had waited for those tears.[2]

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