For Dassem Ultor's attack on Y'Ghatan, see Siege of Y'Ghatan.

The Last Siege of Y'Ghatan was the siege led by Adjunct Tavore Paran and her 14th Army.

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Sinn by Noah Bradley

Sinn in Y'Ghatan by Noah Bradley (Official image)

The city walls and a maze of buildings had been filled with olive oil by Leoman who had taken over command of Y'Ghatan prior to the arrival of the Malazans. They were then ignited by the fanatics resulting in a devastating conflagration which killed not only a significant number of the besieging Malazans but also Leoman's army of rebels. The citizens of Y'Ghatan had previously been evacuated.

The conflagration led to the birth of a short-lived fire godling. It was held at bay in a small section by Sinn, which allowed 791 soldiers from the nearly 3000 under Keneb and Tene Baralta who had gone in, to escape the flames.[1] Some of these died in the days after the attack.[2]

Baralta, was horribly disfigured by fire. Of the marines who died in the city most were killed either by the fires or in ambushes by the fanatical rebel soldiers.

Trapped under the cityEdit

A pocket of Malazan soldiers along with some children from the city and Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas managed to get out of the conflagration alive by using Bottle's rats to find a way through the tunnels under the city. Those named were:[3]


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