Laudable Grool was the proprietor of the shop Grool’s Immeasurable Pots, located on Adventure Alley in a northern section of Letheras. Grool being completely surrounded by hanging and stacked pottery, shop customers only ever saw Grool's hands. Although all of Grool's pottery could accurately be described as 'leaky', that was misleading, as the pots were specifically designed to each leak at a carefully calibrated rate, which differed from piece to piece depending on the size of the hole(s) perforating a particular item. Laudable Grool's wares were meant to be used as water clocks (more formally known as clepsydra); in experiments of an alchemical nature; and for other similar applications.[1]


"My hands are the only important part of me."
―Laudable Grool's explanation of why customers saw only Grool's hands[src]
"...Grool's Immeasurable Pots. Presumably, that [particular shop name] was intended to emphasize unmatched quality or something similar, since the pots themselves were sold as clocks, and for alchemical experiments and the like, and such functions were dependent on accurate rates of flow."
―possible reason given for the (rather strange) name of Grool's shop[src]

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