Leandris was one of thousands of thousands of Human souls trapped within one or more of the jade statues as they passed through the Abyss.[1]

In House of ChainsEdit

Heboric ingested a large amount of potent Hen'bara tea in order to confront the jade giant that haunted his dreams and learn from it. In his vision, he saw scores of the giants tumbling through a sea of stars towards an enormous wound in space. Drawn to the nearest giant, he found himself inside it, surrounded by a crowd of writhing, howling figures speaking in tongues he could not comprehend. Then the words of a few, including Leandris and Cassa, began to make sense as they asked the historian what lay beyond the wound and as they argued amongst themselves about the nature of gods.[2]

Leandris: "More like forgetfulness. After all, it's not the gods that are important, it is the stepping outside of oneself that gifts a mortal with virtue--"
Cassa: "Kneel before Order? You blind fool--"
Leandris: "Order? I was speaking of compassion--"
Cassa: "Fine, then go ahead! Step outside yourself, Leandris! No, better yet. Step outside."
Leandris: "Only the new one [Heboric] can do that, Cassa. And he'd better be quick about it."
―Leandris and Cassa[src]

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